The Pros and Cons of Working Out at Home

There are a lot of resources online that are making it easier than ever to workout at home. That's great news for anyone who hates to go to the gym, but is it really the best method to help you meet your fitness goals? Let's look at the pros and cons of working out at home:

Pros of an At-Home Workout

  • Could be less expensive than a gym
  • Don't have to worry about the judgement of others
  • No need to fight traffic to or from the gym
  • Easy to work into your schedule

Cons of an At-Home Workout

  • Could actually cost you more than a gym membership by the time you pay for a monthly subscription fee
  • No one there to motivate you or cheer you on
  • Have to devote space in your home to a workout
  • No personal trainer to customize your workout and make sure you are doing it correctly
  • Could be at a higher risk for injury without proper training or spotting

There are some great benefits to working out at home, but it shouldn't be your primary source of fitness. Using it in conjunction with the personal training that you receive at Compel Fitness gyms is a great way to boost your workout or ensure that you don't miss a day when you are exceptionally busy. Compel Fitness can offer you the comprehensive customized personal training you need that you won't get through an online service. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our gyms today!