How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals

One of the things a personal trainer at Compel Fitness can help you with is setting realistic fitness goals. Setting realistic goals will help you stay motivated with your workout routine because you'll be able to meet your goal and move onto the next one, so you see and experience the progress you are making with your body. When making those goals, our personal trainers will take many factors into consideration so you have goals that are attainable, realistic, and exciting. Setting realistic goals can actually be fun if you follow some of these tips from the personal trainers at Compel Fitness:

Be Realistic About Your Timeline

Don't assume you are going to drop 50 pounds in three months. Not only is this an unhealthy amount of weight loss in a short amount of time, it's not going to happen. Talk to your personal trainer about what a reasonable expectation for time might be for your goal so you don't get frustrated that things aren't happening faster and stop working out altogether.

Be Honest About Where Your Are & Where You Want to Go

Superheroes are made, not born. Be honest about your current fitness level when talking to your personal trainer. If you haven't been off of the couch in a year, let them know. You are already making progress by taking the step of working with a personal trainer, so don't be embarrassed about your low fitness level. Be honest about your goals, too. If you want to be able to run a marathon in a year, don't tell them you are shooting for a 5K. Being honest with your trainer will help you get the most out of every session.

Make It Measurable

Don't set general goals like "lose weight" or "gain muscle." Goals should be measurable to keep you motivated. Set your goals to be specific and measured, such as "I want to lose 10 pounds in the next three months" or "I want to be able to lift by body weight by this time next year." Then you'll be able to track your progress more easily, which is a great way to stay motivated when you don't feel like going to the gym. You might think, "I don't feel like going, but I only have one more pound to lose to meet my goal." Suddenly it won't seem so hard to head to the gym!

If you want to start setting realistic fitness goals for yourself, talk to a personal trainer at a Compel Fitness gym. Our trainers love to work with clients and help them set the goals that are going to help them achieve their fitness goals. Give us a call or contact us through our website to set up an appointment to meet with a personal trainer today. We have locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virgina, and other locations across the United States. We offer one-on-one training, semi-private training, and team training services that can help every member of your group reach those goals. Let's start planning your fitness goals today!