Why People Ignore the Advice of Their Nutritionist

A nutritionist is there to help you tailor your meals to meet the needs of your body in the most efficient way possible. Whatever your fitness or health goals might be, a nutritionist can help you find the right foods to fuel your body and help you move towards those goals. It's the perfect compliment to working with a personal trainer! So why do so many people decide not to listen to the advice of their nutritionist?

They Think It's Too Expensive

Looking at their meal plan and nutritionist's eating suggestions, they might think that eating healthy is just going to be too expensive. In reality, though, it can be incredibly affordable. Talk to your nutritionist about ways to save on your food bill, and remember, the expenses associated with an unhealthy lifestyle are going to be much more expensive in the long run.

They Are Emotional Eaters

Emotional eaters have a hard time listening to the advice of a nutritionist because they eat based on how they feel. They might feel confident and positive leaving the nutritionist's office, but once things get hard or stressful they are back to eating unhealthy foods. If you are an emotional eater, tell your nutritionist. They may be able to offer suggestions to help you cope.

Food is Personal

So much of our culture revolves around food! Many of our childhood memories are associated with food, we socialize with friends over food, and it's how we show others our love. Food is often deeply personal, and making a change is hard. But it's not impossible! Work with your nutritionist to develop an eating plan that you can love. Get started today by calling the Compel Fitness nutritionist near you.