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Our semi-private training sessions are small group sessions that will push you to be the best that you can be. Receive the level of customization in your workouts that you would get from a private personal trainer, but with the support and cost savings of a group.

Semi-Private sessions stand apart from Team Training in the level of customization of the workouts. They are personalized based off your fitness level, your goals and any limitations that you may have. This allows for faster results overall and the ability to take your body to even higher levels.*

Similar to Team Training, our semi-private sessions are built around functional training principles and a blend of resistance & cardio training that may help you:

- Torch body fat (wanna see your abs?)*

- Lose weight*


- Strength (Muscle tone anyone?)*

- Stamina*

- Conditioning*

- Energy*

- Burn off stress*

All fitness levels are welcome. Semi-Private Training is great for experienced and new clients alike. You are able to feed off the energy of the small group atmosphere to really push yourself to new levels.*

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*Individual results may vary.