3 Ways Reboot Your Results When You Feel Like Quitting


How are you doing with your workouts and diet? Have you seen some progress, or did you stall out?

Don't be ashamed if you haven’t been 100% perfect and don’t be ashamed if you’ve hit a plateau and feel like you want to quit.

We see this with clients all the time, and I promise you’re not alone when you feel like you want to throw in the towel.

Lucky for you, we can’t let you do that.

You started exercising and eating right for a reason, and that reason means a lot to you and to the other people in your life.

We all start things with the best intentions, but life always throws up a curve ball.

Work gets busier than ever been.

The kids seem to be getting sick every other week.

You see your partner less, and it’s stressing you both out.

You don’t seem to be getting results as quickly as you’d hoped.

… and that’s just the start of it.

Today, I’m going to give you XXX ways to reboot your results when you feel like quitting.


#1. Take a microscope to your nutrition habits

Did you know that most people have no idea how many calories they eat?

To make matters worse, people often overestimate the number of calories they burn. This creates a vicious cycle of undertaking and overindulging.

You can only guess the result, right? More weight gain and even more frustration.

This is why we recommend sticking to whole, nutritious foods which are easier to know exactly what’s in them.

These are the essential diet transforming habits that should be in your life.

  1. Protein and Veggies

When in doubt choose a healthy protein and veggies. Not only will they help keep you satiated but they’re great for fat burning.

  1. Drink more water

An essential part of our body which helps relieve hunger and allows your body to function optimally.

  1. Stay away from snacks with empty calories

Stick with whole foods instead of snacks with little to no nutritional value that won’t do anything to manage your hunger.

  1. Prepare

Always have planned for what you're eating ahead of time.

You can't outrun a bad diet.

The best, safest, and easiest way is to eat healthy exercise, and recover.

You'll be blown away by your results.


#2. Add Fun Accountability to your life

When you use this tip in conjunction with a proper exercise and nutrition habits (like the ones we discussed above) they can be the catalyst for creating massive change in your body.

I’m sure you’ve experienced a time when you would rather eat or do ANYTHING but what was apart of your workout and diet for the day. Right?

The problem is because most programs don’t factor in your fun at all. Which is terrible, when you think about.

We want this to be a healthy and happy part of your life, so you look forward to doing this.

So your family looks at you as a role model and wants to join so your friends are inspired and change their lives too.

There’s no way we can do that if you dread your workout and diet, daily.

When you find a way to make exercise and eating healthy fun, you’re way more likely to do it consistently.

This is very different from what so-called experts are telling you to do, but when implemented correctly, it works like a charm.


#3. Re-evaluate What You’re Doing With Your Time

Sometimes things happen that are entirely out of your control which causes you to miss out on gym time or to work out with your trainer.

But often times, these can be avoided by planning ahead.

When you plan ahead, you’re able to see where all your workouts and nutrition planning fits into your busy life.

Then the patterns and practices get "encoded" (so to say) in your mind.

When this happens, it becomes automatic.

The problem is, most of the time we still feel like we have a million things to do.

The best place to start when you feel this way  is to do a ‘Task Audit.'

This is where you write down what you’re currently doing every 15-30 minutes.

Once you have this list, you’re able to go back and see all the tasks you can cut, chores you can ‘batch’ together to take less time, and so much more.

It sounds silly, but most of our clients can  free up hours of their day by doing this.

It’s an excellent exercise for you do too whenever you feel busy, overwhelmed, and stressed about time.


What’s Next?

We're not looking for perfection every single day for the rest of your life. Perfection is a standard that is guaranteed to let you down.

We're looking for progress, and eventually, consistency.

So if you’ve fallen a little behind it’s time to commit back on track and refocus because you’re only one step away.

… And if you’ve been doing great — perfect!

I can't tell you how many times we’ve heard from new clients who were ready to give up on their  health because they couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

Some of the most incredible transformations usually come when you’re least expecting it and you’re only one good day or workout away from getting right back on track.

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