Rapid Fire Questions, Tim Ferris Style

As a huge fan of listening to the Tim Ferris Podcast episodes, I always enjoy the rapid-fire questions that he asks his guests towards the end.  Having many famous and successful people on his show, I’ve certainly taken away many valuable lessons that have helped me improve and add value to my own life.  Today, I decided to take those questions and share some of my answers with you.  I also added in a few questions of my own.  Hope you enjoy!  

--Tom Daubert


1. What is your favorite documentary?

I really enjoyed Somm, a documentary on Netflix.  As a big lover of wine, it was very interesting to watch 4 sommeliers attempt to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, which is considered one of the most difficult exams in the world.  Seeing the behind the scenes training and studying that they did in preparation for the exam was incredible.  I believe that there is a newer Part 2 documentary that they released as well.  If you are a big fan of wine like me, this is one documentary that you don’t want to miss.

2.What is your favorite fitness product that you’ve ever purchased?

I used to have a Polar Heart Rate Monitor that I really enjoyed using during my workouts, however I would have to say my weight lifting shoes are my favorite.  I put purchasing them off for far too long thinking that they were unnecessary and wouldn’t make a difference in my training.  Boy was I wrong!  My lower body flexibility isn’t the greatest so the shoes really help me tap into otherwise unused ranges of motion.  I can squat deeper, have a more stable, flat platform for lifting, and have noticed huge gains in overall strength on my big lifts.  There are all sorts of lifting shoes out there. I ended up choosing a slightly more flexible pair that would still allow me to do box jumps, jump rope, and kettle bell swings.  I recommend finding the pair that not only fit your feet the best, but also coincide with your training and goals.

3. What is your favorite non- traditional form of exercise?

In college, I used to love playing racquetball for hours on end.  It was a phenomenal cardio workout and never actually felt like I was exercising (more like playing and having fun).  Nowadays, I really enjoy spending time outside with my wife and our Mini Australian Shepherd.  Hiking, climbing rocks, stand up paddleboard, and kayaking are all on my lists of favorites.  Basically, I love activities where you can be physically active but it doesn’t feel like work.  You’re not focused on the time, or the number of sets or reps, but rather enjoying and living in the moment.

4. What is the most useful product or service you’ve bought in 2016, under $100?

I recently purchased a 50ft long dog leash on eBay that has been great.  It’s been super helpful for teaching recalls (come when called) with our new puppy.  He loves the extra freedom to roam around more while hiking at the park and I love that I still have complete control over him at all times.

5. If you could put a billboard anywhere in the world, what would it say and where would you put it?

I would have a billboard in every major city that says “Exercise is Medicine”.  Many people don’t realize all of the countless benefits of regular exercise for the body.  There are so many studies out there that demonstrate how exercise interventions are AS effective, if not MORE effective, than some medicine and drug treatments.  The real benefit is that exercise has almost zero negative side effects, unlike many of these drugs and supplements on the market today.  Rather than automatically giving a patient medicine during a healthcare visit, I’d love to see more doctors having conversations about exercise.  If the patient isn’t meeting the recommended guidelines, the doctor could refer the patient to a personal trainer or exercise physiologist for exercise counseling.

6. What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

I would seriously have to reconsider going to graduate school.  Looking back on it, I’m just not sure that it was a necessary thing for me.  Many people my age are going back to school and trying to advance their degrees in the hopes of making more money or landing their dream job.  In some fields I’m sure an advanced degree is more required, however I sometimes wonder if my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology was really necessary for my career growth.  I’d probably tell my 20 year old self to save the money that I would have spent on grad school and put a down payment on a house instead!

7.  What do the first 60-90 minutes of your day look like?

I’ve never really been a morning person, however I’m trying to train myself to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.  Lately, I’ve been waking up early and hitting the gym for some fasted cardio.  Not only does it do wonders for my body composition, but I also find that I’m much more focused and productive on the days where I exercise in the morning.  Nothing too fancy…I usually just do 30-40 minutes of steady state cardio on the Stairmaster while I watch YouTube videos on my phone.  I find that if I make my early morning workout too elaborate and complex, I won’t do it.  After the gym, I usually make a high protein, low carb breakfast like scrambled eggs and sausage.


P.S.  I’d love to hear some of your responses for these questions.  Leave me a comment below and share some of your answers with me!