How To Enjoy The Weekend Without Getting Off Track


Do you want to enjoy your weekends but aren't sure how to do it without ruining your progress in the gym? You're not alone. This is more common than you think and with the right steps, we can help you do this.

But first, the ground rules.

Here at Compel Fitness, we're all about looking, feeling, and being healthy. But not at the expense of locking yourself in your room and not enjoying life.

We're not advocates of partying your face off either. We want you to be able to enjoy the company of your friends, family, and social situations that encompass it all.

This is something we work hard to make sure all our clients understand and can experience this.

Here's how to do it.


Plan Ahead

You've heard the saying "Proper planning prevents poor performance" right?

That's what we're doing here.

The first step is to prepare for what's in store.

You do this by setting your expectations of the event, yourself, and what you're going to yourself get into.

This way you can keep 'damage' to a minimum instead of destroying all your progress from the past week or more. You worked so hard, so we don't want to let all that hard work go to waste.


Give Yourself A Budget

Set the stage for what's to come.

Before your tempted, you need to set boundaries for yourself.

What are you going to let yourself eat or drink?

When are you going to draw the line?

A budget helps you manage the calorie surplus. You'll also feel much more confident going into the weekend.

On top of that, it ensures you skip out on the regret and shame the following day. Which is common when dealing with special events.

Think of this budget as a mini-break, not an all-out binge.

Science proves people who set rigid rules and restrictions when dieting often fail.

Instead, enjoy the moment.

Realize you are better off overshooting a little. Not going completely going off the rails.


Go With the Flow

Just because you gave yourself an estimate of how much you were going to eat or drink doesn't mean you HAVE TO reach that.

An important trait for successful and healthy dieters is something called 'intuitive eating.'

Which means getting to a point where you eat when you're hungry (not triggered by cravings) and eating food that makes your body feel good.

So if you aren’t hungry DO NOT force feed yourself because "this was your break."


Enter Food Cues

One of the best ways to manage yourself during these events is with food cues.

Food cues trigger emotional and psychological responses in your body which change how you feel and what you crave.

Some examples of food cues include:

  • Noticing when others finish eating

  • An empty plate which had food on it

  • Dirty dishes

  • Food scraps

It's common for people to rely on visual cues to stop eating rather than the feeling of being satisfied.

For example, people stop eating when their plate is clean, or people around them have finished eating.

Someone who is a healthy eater would stop eating when they feel SATISFIED, not full.

Food Cues To Prevent Overeating

This can be one of the most valuable pieces of information you read on the internet.

Use a different glass for each drink (i.e., water glass, wine glass, soda glass, etc.)

  • Finish all the food on your plate before going for seconds and finish all the liquid in a drink before refilling

  • Use a new plate if you go up for seconds

  • Leave your dirty dishes in sight and with any scraps of food or wrappers you may have (i.e., excess fat on steak, chicken bones, etc.)

If you use this food cue tricks and hacks and they become habits, nearly all your diet struggles will go away.

I know that sounds bold to say.

But food cues change the way your mind revolves around food.  They help ingrain healthy habits to take you from where you are to where you want to be.


Bring A Healthy Option

I don't want you to be the person who eats every meal out of Tupperware.

... But bringing a 'healthier' option to parties is a great alternative.

You don't even have to tell people it's a 'healthier option.' Tell them how much you LOVE this new recipe, and you were dying to share it with them.

If the recipe is excellent and the food tastes delicious, no one is going to be angry they save 600 calories.

It's not a necessity like paying attention to food cues, but it's a great option.


Wrapping It Up

This article provides everything you need to stay healthy and on track when you're out and about.

These new insights will allow you to stick to your new lifestyle while still have a social life.

As you can see, it's not as hard as everyone makes it sound.

You have to have a few rules and, and it's simple.

If you any questions make sure you ask one of our coaches in the Compel Fit Club.

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See you there!