4 Signs You Hired The Wrong Personal Trainer


Are you working with a personal trainer at another fitness center the area? Maybe you’re fairly new to working out, and you trusted the sales rep when they told you that all of their trainers were certified, experienced, and interested in making sure you got the best results from your workout routine.

For the first few personal training sessions, everything seemed to be going OK, but now you’ve got this sneaking suspicion that your trainer isn’t doing all that they can to help you succeed. In fact, it seems like they may be bored with the entire process and just coasting through, expecting you to do the hard work.

Personal training is a great way to accelerate the results you want, but unless you hire the right trainer, it’s unlikely these results will ever materialize. Here are five signs that you’ve chosen the wrong partner for your personal training journey. Keep reading to learn why the Compel Fitness community is different!

1. "Customized" programming that isn’t really customized

Perhaps your chosen gym sold you on the fact that personal training is customized to meet the needs of each individual client. This makes sense given the way that each person’s body type and health background is completely different. But maybe you noticed all of the other trainers in the gym working through the same steps and routines with their clients as well. This is a sign that your personal training is just a cookie cutter program designed to save the trainers time and money.

2. Inappropriately advanced exercises

The key to successful personal training is giving people the exercises they need to reach their short term goals as well as their long term goals. If you’re struggling with obesity, it’s not appropriate to be teaching you complicated Olympic lifts and fancy leg rotation exercises. What you need is a basic routine that will give increase your mobility and burn the calories you need to start feeling more comfortable with your weight.

3. Unprofessional comments about other gym members

You know a sure fire sign that you’ve hired the wrong personal training “expert”? They have nothing but snarky comments to make about everyone who isn’t their client. The role of a personal trainer is to motivate, educate, and elevate the people who come to them for fitness guidance. It’s not to judge, criticize, or insult people who’ve chosen to work out in other ways.

4. Not practicing what they preach

This may seem hard to believe, but we’ve heard personal training horror stories from other gyms in which the person who claimed to be the fitness expert was 20 pounds overweight, eating pizza on the clock, and told their client that they hated cardio so they never do it.

This is unacceptable and something that you’ll never encounter when you sign up for personal training services at Compel Fitness. Our trainers are professional, positive, and walking examples of our fitness philosophy.

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