Why People Hate Gyms (And How You Can Learn to Love Them!)

For some people, going to the gym is a treat. They love the feeling they get after a good workout, enjoy the time to themselves or with friends, or maybe just feel comfortable in a room full of other fitness enthusiasts. For other people, though, a trip to the gym can be a bit of a drag. Learn some of the common reasons people don't like the gym, and if those reasons ring true for you, what you can do it change the situation.

It's Too Crowded

Most people are in no shortage of gyms in their local area. However, the gym that you choose might be the gym that everyone else chooses, too. Gyms can be crowded places, with people waiting two and three deep for a chance at the more popular equipment. So how can you avoid the crush?

  • Go during off-peak times. Gyms are the busiest first thing in the morning and right after work. If you can, go in the mid-morning, after dinner, or extra early in the morning. You are far more likely to beat the rush during these times.
  • Don't sign up for the gym in January and expect it to be empty. Many people join as a part of their New Year's resolution. If you do sign up then, be patient--most gyms empty out in a couple months and you'll have plenty of space for yourself.

It's Boring

Doing your fitness routine day in and day out can start to feel a little, well, routine after a while. Even alternating leg day with arm day can become a drag. Being bored is one of the main reasons people stop going to the gym. So how can you beat the monotony?

  • Work with a personal trainer. They can help customize workouts that keep you engaged and motivated by your fitness routine.
  • Distract yourself. Many people find that reading a book, watching television or listening to podcasts can help distract them from their fitness routine and make their time at the gym fly by.

They Feel Judged

Some people avoid the gym because they think everyone in the gym is judging them for the current state of their body. They don't like to be surrounded by a lot of gym nuts who look so much better than they do.

  • This one requires a change in your mental attitude. Remember, those people look great because they come to the gym. If you keep coming, you are going to look great, too.
  • They aren't judging you. Most people are too involved in their own workout to worry about what you are doing. It's a sad fact that people probably aren't paying as much attention to you as you think!

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