The Only Meal Plan That Will Last A Lifetime


Without a doubt, one of the most significant barriers I find when on boarding our new clients here at Compel Fitness is being able to find a diet they can stick to. Dropping weight isn’t always the problem. Instead, the struggle comes with keeping the weight off.

That’s the tricky part most nutrition advice fails to shed light on.

Whenever you undergo a rapid transformation, your mental and physical well being can take a hit. It's even worse when your transformation it’s strict, restricting, and difficult to follow.

Here’s a simple question you can ask yourself to decide if you’re meal plan is setting you up for success or failure.

Can you see yourself eating this way five years from now?

If the answer is “absolutely” then you’re doing a great thing.

If the answer is ‘No,’ this article is going to get you on the right track.

Are all meal plans horrible

First, let me start by saying that not all meal plans are evil.

Often times they’re an excellent place for our clients start to get used to eating the right foods.

The types of meal plans we want to stay away from are the ones that restrict you. We want to avoid ones that don't give you habits, skills, and the education so you can quickly make healthy choices.

In fact, here’s a new way to think about your diet.

Diet comes from the Greek word diata which means "way of life.”

As you can see, even the original meaning of the word is more than “Follow this meal plan.” A meal plan is often a quick fix.

It’s like putting a band-aid on a gash that needs 14 stitches. It’s not a sustainable way to live a long, healthy, and enjoyable life.

Here at Compel Fitness, we want to help make your health and weight loss journey fun, sustainable, and pain-free.

Good meal plans follow these four rules

To be honest, good meal plans are extremely flexible. In fact, you really wouldn’t even consider it a meal plan.

Simple to follow: Your meal plan should be based on healthy rules that are going to help you reach your goals (like the ones listed below.) One of the biggest mistakes most new dieters make is diving into a complete diet and life overhaul. Next thing you know, everything in their life has changed, and it becomes nearly impossible to stick to.

Gives you options: As mentioned before these plans shouldn’t be so restricting that you’re eating foods you hate. While they may not be the best tasting foods in the world, you should still be able to eat foods that are tasty.

Make food shopping easy: A good meal plan will give you food options that are readily available and don’t break the bank. You don’t have to go broke eating healthy and if your diet forces you to eat foods that you have to drive 45 miles to get it's going to increase the likelihood of failure.

They’re adaptable: What happens when you’re traveling for work, and you aren’t able to pack a week's worth of stringy, dry chicken and string beans? Or what about when you go out for a friend's birthday, and everyone is having drinks but you? It’s highly unlikely that 10/10 times you’re going to be able to fight temptation.

With a smart and flexible meal plan, you’ll know what to eat in all situations and will guarantee you don't ruin your progress.

Here are eight healthy guidelines that will help you live a free and flexible fit lifestyle.

In this section, you’ll find eight simple diet guidelines for anyone looking to make healthier choices without feeling restricted.

  1. Drink more water

  2. Protein at every meal

  3. Veggies at every meal

  4. Eat healthy fats

  5. Eat carbohydrates around workouts

  6. Don’t drink your calories

  7. Eat until satisfied (not full)

  8. Stay on track 80% of the time

How to start with one new habit today

By now I hope you realize there is no such thing as a perfect diet.

The name of the game is being able to eat the right foods for a consistent period of time.

And the goal for our clients here at Compel Fitness is to give them the tools and skills they need for a healthy life.

Being healthy and fit starts with one new habit at a time.

Once you follow that habit like it’s second nature, then you can move on to a new one to implement and speed up your results.

To get started pick ONE (1) new habit to start incorporating into your life starting today.

Once you execute on your new choice with ~80% accuracy for two weeks you, it’s now a habit of yours.

Then it’s time to pick another and do the same.

Sure two weeks and one habit seem very small and slow, but I promise you, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in just a few short months… with less stress, struggle and frustration than ever before.


If you need help choosing the best for you right now, be sure to ask one of our expert coaches in the Compel Fit Club.


We’re excited to help. See you over there!