Semi-Private Training Can Help You Reach Your Goals Faster


How many gym memberships and fitness programs have you signed up for and never used?

Be honest.

First there was that time you went through a “yoga phase.” Your best friend told you that you would love it and lose tons of weight. Instead you felt like someone was tying you into a pretzel during every class and felt really awkward during the quiet moments. You bought a yoga mat and three pairs of yoga pants. You went to three classes and quit.

Then there was that boot camp fitness program you signed up for. They promised to use military techniques to whip you into shape in 10 weeks flat. After five weeks of being screamed at by the wanna-be drill sergeant instructor, you decided you’d rather be yelled at by your boss

At Compel Fitness, we realize that it takes the right combination of motivation and achievement to keep people interested in a fitness program. That’s why we’re one of the only nationally-rated  gyms to offer a unique service called “Semi-Private Training.”

How Does The Semi-Private Fitness Program Work?

The idea behind our semi-private fitness programs is to provide a way for people to feel comfortable and empowered while also offering the accountability of one-on-one personal training.

In our semi-private training sessions, you’ll work alongside an instructor and a limited number of other people who are similar to you in fitness experience. This allows the instructor to provide personalized instruction while also allowing you to feel the motivation that comes from working in the presence of others.

If you’re not necessarily comfortable with the intimacy and price of personal training, but are tired of trying large group fitness classes and open gym memberships that just don’t keep you motivated, semi-private training at Compel Fitness might be right for you!

Another great benefit of semi-private training is the fact that you can request for the class to be focused on the goals that you want to achieve.

  • Tired of seeing rolls where you abs should be? We can do that.
  • Want to lose weight so you can get a reduction in your insurance premium? We know how to get you there.
  • Want to increase your stamina so that you can finally beat your 10k PR? We’ve got the cardio know how to help you blow past everybody else on the race course.

Stop spinning your wheels in open gym environments where people are more concerned with admiring their own muscles than actually getting work done. Our semi-private training has the fun, personalize approach that you’ve been looking for.

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