1. How To Enjoy The Weekend Without Getting Off Track

    Do you want to enjoy your weekends but aren't sure how to do it without ruining your progress in the gym? You're not alone. This is more common than you think and with the right steps, we can help you do this. But first, the ground rules. Here at Compel Fitness, we're all about looking, feeling, and being healthy. But not at the expense of locking yourself in your room and not enjoying life. We're…Read More

  2. 7 Quick And Easy Rules To Help You Lose Weight

    There are very few things as frustrating as putting time energy working out and eating healthy only to see zero progress. We don’t want that to happen to you that’s why we outline these 7 quick and easy rules to help you lose weight. Even if this looks like a refresher, I highly encourage you review and apply this to your life immediately. The biggest thing to remember when reading through thi…Read More

  3. The Best Grocery List Ever!

    To lose weight, it's important to eat healthy… but what does that even mean? We always get questions about nutrition, diet, and what to buy at the grocery store. It only makes sense to have a list of foods that are well for you to eat, and then YOU get to pick which ones you like the taste on. Trust me; it's much better than eating something you hate because someone told you that you have to. Th…Read More

  4. Why People Ignore the Advice of Their Nutritionist

    A nutritionist is there to help you tailor your meals to meet the needs of your body in the most efficient way possible. Whatever your fitness or health goals might be, a nutritionist can help you find the right foods to fuel your body and help you move towards those goals. It's the perfect compliment to working with a personal trainer! So why do so many people decide not to listen to the advice o…Read More

  5. Signs You Should Visit a Nutritionist

    Compel Fitness offers nutritionist services in our locations across the United States. Nutritionists are great at helping people learn more about what foods they need to fuel their bodies and how to customize a meal plan that helps them meet their nutrition goals. Many people assume that a nutritionist is only for athletes or celebrities, but in fact, a nutritionist's services go hand-in-hand with…Read More

  6. Without This You’ll Never Achieve Your Fitness Goals

    Have you been working out constantly for the past few months, but still don’t feel like you’re making the progress you should be? Maybe you even started working with a personal trainer and expected that the pounds would just start melting away, revealing the gorgeous muscles you always wanted. Maybe you even did see some progress in the first few weeks, but then everything slowed to a halt. Ev…Read More

  7. Eating Out Survival Guide

    Eating out at a restaurant used to be considered a treat; an uncommon indulgence. However, since the 1970s, eating away from home has become more and more common with Americans. We're now eating upwards of 43% of our meals and 32% of our calories away from home (up from 25% and 18% in 1970).When eating at a restaurant was an infrequent indulgence, you didn’t have to pay too much attention to wha…Read More